Interface AGIProcessor

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ExampleProcessor, OrderlyQExample

public interface AGIProcessor

You can develop proprietary applications by creating your own classes that implement this interface. Put the business logic in these classes.

These classes remain your property, and do not need to be disclosed to us, or released as open source.

On the other hand, if you find you need to modify or extend the other classes in this package, please do let us know, so we can consider upgrading the project.

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A new AGIProcessor object is instantiated for every call. Performance can be increased by allowing the framework to reuse AGIProcessor objects - see AGIReusableProcessorfor details.

NOTE: AGIProcessors must have a zero-argument constructor.

Matt King, M.A. Oxon.

Method Summary
 void processCall(AGIConnection call)
          Implement this method to handle incoming calls.

Method Detail


void processCall(AGIConnection call)
Implement this method to handle incoming calls.

If you find you need a variety of processors, for instance to handle calls differently depending on contexts, create one 'master' processor, which delegates to more specific instance implementations depending on call context information.

If the caller hangs up during the processing, an IOException is thrown. You can catch this yourself if you need to do any other cleanup, otherwise the AGIServer will close the connection for you.

call - An object representing the data and methods available for processing this call.
Throws: - if the caller hangs up.