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OrderlyCalls is a multi-threaded telephony application server environment. You can run it stand-alone, inside your own application environment, or inside J2EE Servlet containers such as Tomcat.

OrderlyCalls provides full support for the Asterisk (TM) FastAGI and Manager protocols. You can implement your services using either of these, or both in conjunction. Asterisk is a (rather splendid) Open Source PBX system from Digium, Inc.

We aim to add support for other switches and PBX systems through the ECMA-approved CSTA protocol in the near future, and for other Java systems through EJB support.

OrderlyCalls is configured using an extensible XML file format, which you can use to create and provide settings for your own services if you wish to.

This distribution of OrderlyCalls contains several example applications, one of which is a demonstration of Orderly Software's flagship service, OrderlyQ. OrderlyQ is an advanced call queue system that allows your callers to hang up, then call back later without losing their place in the queue. It can work with your existing Asterisk queues.


This distribution contains the following documentation:

Installation and Testing
Full instructions.
All about the included example application. Demonstration hotline: +44 845 004 5412
API Javadocs
Javadoc for the OrderlyCalls source code.
Description of the licence, with guidance for developers covering redistribution and envisaged usage.
Developer's Guide
Supplementary information for developers.
Migration Guide
For developers migrating from OrderlyCalls' predecessor, JAGIServer.
Bugs, Support, Donations & Future Developments
How to get support from OrderlySoftware, and how to help us maintain and improve OrderlyCalls
Author:   Matt King, M.A. Oxon. m@orderlysoftware.com

Orderly Software Ltd.
7 St Olaves Mews
Bartholomew St East
Exeter, Devon, UK

Tel: +44 845 004 5413

Copyright Orderly Software 2004-2005, All Rights Reserved.